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We are not just creators; we are artisans of illumination, sculpting brilliance with a harmonious blend of passion and precision.

Our journey is marked by a steadfast commitment to redefine radiance in each design we craft. Dive into the artistry that radiates through our work and discover how our family-driven venture in Ottawa turned a simple idea into EasyNeonSigns.

Join us in brightening your world with captivating creations, and continue reading for a special message from Uzoma, our CEO, who shares more about our family's journey and dreams.

From Our Family to Yours

The Journey of EasyNeonSigns

Hey there!

We're the family behind EasyNeonSigns. It's our joy to craft custom neon signs that add a pop of color and a dash of fun to your space.

Our journey began with a simple idea in Ottawa, where Mom and Pop, both electrical engineers, decided to merge their techy know-how with a touch of entrepreneurship. And so, EasyNeonSigns was born!

In our little garage workshop, we're able to create over 20 signs each day, pouring our heart and skill into every single one. It's a family affair, with each sign made with care in Canada, and every light we switch on brings a bit of our family's warmth to you.

Starting from our garage in Ottawa, we've set our sights on a bright future. By 2025, we're looking to grow into a bigger space, a workshop where we can share even more light with everyone. And every sign you get from us is a glowing step on the path to that dream.

Your support means the world to our family business. When you choose one of our signs, you're not just getting a product; you're becoming a part of our story—a story lit up by passion, hard work, and the dream of making our little Canadian garage shine across the globe. Thank you for joining us on this luminous journey!

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